Making up Missed Fasts

The Basics of Fasting – Making up Missed Fasts

The Basics of Fasting – Making up Missed Fasts

Making up Missed Fasts

The Basics of Fasting according to the Shafi’i School

(An abridged and edited version of a pamphlet written in Arabic by Shaykh Amjad Rasheed.)

  1. The Ruling of Fasting Ramadan
  2. Integrals
  3. Recommended Measures
  4. Excuses that permit one not to fast
  5. Making up Missed Fasts
  6. Payment
  7. Expiation


Allah is praised, Lord of the Worlds.  Blessings and peace on our master Muhammad and his folk and companions, one and all.


The following rulings about the fast should be known, applied, and taught to one’s family and whoever does not know them.


  1. The Ruling of Fasting Ramadan


Fasting Ramadan is personally obligatory for every Muslim who has reached puberty is sane and can fast.  It is not obligatory for a non-Muslim, a child, an insane person, or someone unable to fast (such as someone of advanced years or someone who is continuously [muzmin] sick).


  1. Integrals of the fast


Fasting has only two integrals: (1) the intention and (2) abstention from the nullifiers of the fast.


  1. Recommended Measures while Fasting
    • Warning:  Let the fasting Muslim who is avid for his religion and the pleasure of his Master beware lest he concludes his day of fasting by breaking it with smoking, having finished off his good work with an unlawful act that Allah is not pleased with.  Whoever prefers Allah, Allah will prefer him.
  2. Excuses that Permit one not to Fast

Making up Missed Fasts

All missed fasts must obligatorily be made up later on, regardless of whether they were missed with a valid excuse (such as sickness or travel) or without an excuse, except a child when he reaches puberty, an insane person when he regains sanity, an original non-Muslim when he accepts Islam, an old person who is unable to fast, and someone who is continuously sick.  These people are not obliged to make up their missed fasts.

Making up Missed Fasts

Related Issue: If, while fasting, a child reaches puberty, a traveler ceases his travel, or a sick person recovers, they must complete their fast.  If they were not fasting, it is recommended for them to abstain from the nullifiers for the remainder of the day.



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